Best ways to Re-grow hair naturally

Hair loss is a major problem in our digital environment where many men and women are facing the issue. We know a lot of painful situations which we come across to face friends, visit the classroom, workplace etc setting us uncomfortable about our appearance or worry about what people think and various rejections.
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I started to visit hair health centers and started using artificial shampoos, hair oils, medicines along with biotin injections suggested by hair surgeon but in few days hair which is grown is falling along with roots so realized there should be an internal process and started analyzing study on hair.

Look at the plants in the garden, if you spray water on the externallayer of plant leaves, steam will it grow? obviously no, because we must focus on watering roots and providing good fertilized soil in the same manner, we must focus on internal strength that will bring a better result for external hairs.

buy modafinil poland Hair is a reflection of internal health”

How to start?

Let us admit a schedule plan for everyday:  Best Schedule Hair Plan.

Identify your hairs and scalp health is in which condition.

Bald head or Hair loss at the middle (part of scalp).

Weak and thinning deficiencies.

Dandruff, itch and hair loss. (exercises, stress relief)

Ensure you follow Ahealth hair diet, Medication and Proper blood circulation for Scalp.

1. A Healthy hair diet

If you are hitting hospitals paying them huge penny without taking a healthy diet, then it is of no use because have encountered the same situation and understood we need internal strength to gain strong hairs.

Let us see diet for hair.

You are lacking

  • Protein-rich Foods (Separate link)
  • Amino AcidsRich Foods (Separate link)
  • Iron Rich Foods (Separate link)
  • Vitamin-CRich Foods (Separate link)
  • Omega3Rich Foods (Separate link)
  • BiotinRich Foods (Separate link)
  • Rich Foods (Separate link)
  • DHT Deficiency solution – Lycopene Rich Foods
  • DHT Deficiency solution – Lysine Rich Foods
  • Best Cooking oils
  • Healthy Drinking water

Note: When you are experiencing body over heat do not forget to consume the below to keep your body cool.

2.  Medication and Proper blood circulation for Scalp.

Considering we are following all the diet plan regularly and if you just ignore proper blood circulationprocess every day then stay tuned to see the results very lately. If you need better rapid results, consider practicing blood circulation process that helps your scalp in a healthy state.

Beginthe day with medication of Yoga exercises for hair which boosts concentration and blood circulation levels, and researches have proven by using Derma roller mechanism there was more chances to gain new follicles and personally experienced it.As a beginner use Derma roller 1.00 mm massaging your scalp in various directions.

Table of Contents:

Yoga exercises for hair

What is Derma Roller

How to use Derma Roller and Frequency


After scalp massage with derma roller you may feel pain or blood just wash your scalp with water gently and take some amount of natural coconut oil, Luke warm it and apply it on scalp and massage the scalp gently.

I do not recommend any other artificial treatment or oils instead go naturally and understand thebenefit of Natural coconut oil which contains saturated fat and seven various types of fatty acids and 6 g of the prominent lauric acid.

Table of contents:

How to prepare coconut oil naturally

Benefits of Natural coconut oil

(Notes: It contains saturated fat and seven various types of fatty acids and 6 g of the prominent lauric acid is available. Personally, experienced its rapid results which helps to grow hair even on bald head after micro needling scalp message.)

Benefits of Castor oil

During this process when you keep experiencing new hairs simultaneously after derma roller scalp massage once in three days start using castor oil. It helps to gain thickness from the roots.

Additional Important things to ensure and avoid for quality healthy hairs.
(pillow covers cleanliness, radiation impact, healthy green environment.